Private 1-1 Hypno-Coaching to Stop the Bully in Your Brain

I’ve been there my friend.

For decades, my brain was an anxious dumpster fire of mean self-talk.

I was stuck in “good” jobs that didn’t light me up, eating compulsively, working every night and weekends to numb the pain of my life, and mad at my colleagues and loved ones because they couldn’t “see” my value, or solve my misery. 

That all began to change when I started learning  self-coaching in 2018.

And since then, I’ve…

  • reduced my sometimes crippling fear, anxiety and mean self-talk by more than 50%
  • lost 20 (more) pounds
  • stopped the exhausting habit of working nights and weekends
  • went half time at my day job, then in 2020, fully retired and began the life coach work I LOVE
  • reconnected with loved ones
  • began getting twice as much done in half the time, with less stress
  • began living the life of my dreams, devoting my time to my two heart projects: helping women change the world, and serving the Tibetan people.

No one needs to suffer so needlessly like I did for SO MANY YEARS, and that’s why I’m passionate about helping other women find their way out of misery.

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I can help you if…

Your life is so good in many ways, but still you’re suffering…

You’re burned out, stressed, pissy with your people, low-grade depressed, and deeply lonely even though you have friends and family.

Because you’ve got too much going on, and worse than that, no one seems to really see you.

You’re trying to soothe yourself  with Netflix and social media and eating all the things. 

But none of that is working.

I can help you, through one-on-one life coaching based on fun, and effective hypnosis techniques all grounded in neuroscience.

What women say about working with Yolanda

Here are four women talk about their experiences with Yolanda’s self-coaching for women course, the Manifesting Mastery book, or personal hypnosis-based coaching sessions.

10 Ways you’ll be Relieved you Hired me as Your Coach

Over 90% of my clients re-book with me, and that’s because when they work with me you experience…

  • Realizing it’s actually easy and fun to take baby steps out of your confusion and pain. It’s not some traumatic slog through the dark night of the soul.
  • Freeing your mind from the bondage of your harsh, berating, inner bully.
  • Learning that having the most fun is, amazingly, your path to joy and success…that you can drop the grind and everything will not only NOT go to shit, but will get better and better.
  • FINALLY having someone who’s 100% committed to loving and supporting just YOU and your growth and blossoming.
  • Getting to be seen, heard and understood for your glorious, imperfect, beautiful self…
  • AND getting to drop the scales from your eyes so that YOU can see, hear and understand your beautiful, messy self.
  • Getting to own and celebrate all the amazing goodness in your life.
  • Learning to gently allow and befriend the hard things in your life instead of fighting them tooth and nail.
  • Finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, a path out of the dark hole you feel you’ve been stuck in forever. 
  •  Having a guide who has been there and done that, and can show you the way to trusting your own deep wisdom to get unstuck. 

Changes my clients have achieved

Here are some changes I’ve helped women that I’ve worked with achieve:

  • Retire early and start her passion project
  • Be “happier than I’ve been in a long time”
  • Lose weight with more healthy meals
  • Accomplish more in one month, spending only 15 minutes a day,  on a family finance project than in the previous year.
  • A total home redecoration project to make her home a beautiful place to hold gatherings close to her heart (Huge progress on this one, still ongoing.)
  • Go on a quick vacation with her husband, just because
  • Start writing a song she had been blocked on
  • Became more aligned with her values by making her daily life more green
  • Bring her personal style and integrity to her business’s Black Friday sales 
  • Transform a personal conflict from being disempowering to a chance to find the home of her dreams.

How 1-on-1 personal coaching with me works

  • You choose how long to work with me — from 6 weeks to 6 months together
  • Weekly 50 minutes sessions (on phone or Zoom)
  • Free access to Yolanda’s Self-Coaching to Get Unstuck course

I teach you how to…

  • Ditch your mean self-talk with Miracle Minutes
  • Look in the mirror with affection
  • Wake up the dreams you’ve buried
  • Bring your dreams to life with baby steps
  • Learn how to practice emotional hygiene. Clean your mind like you do your body.
  • Learn how to use and celebrate your wins AND your failures
  • Take steps to feel free and comfortable in your body
  • Stop feeling at the mercy of the world by
    • feeling your feelings
    • becoming your own friend
    • choosing what you believe

My super powers…

  • Managing anxiety — I have suffered all my life from chronic anxiety, and I have been actively developing tools and strategies that are helping me allow the anxiety that arises without letting it drive my decisions and life.
  • Quitting overwork — I learned how to quit always working nights and weekends. Today, I very, very rarely work past 6p, or on weekends — and I can guide you to getting free time back, too.
  • I can support you with both kindness and strength. It’s my nature to be both compassionate and a straight shooter as I help you align with your path of joy.
  • I’m an expert organizer — a former Executive Assistant to a US National Medal of Science winner and Editor-in-Chief of Science magazine, and a long-time Web Producer — and I am a whiz at helping you prioritize and simplify all the things that may feel overwhelming now. I’m a Virgo so you don’t have to be! 😂
  • Weight loss — I used to weigh over 210 pounds and I’ve kept off over 50 pounds for over 20 years
  • Bringing some of the ancient wisdom of Tibet to your life — I’ve been connected with Tibetan Buddhism since 1995, when I spent a year living in McLeod Ganj in India (home of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and a large Tibetan community) and then married my husband Lobsang. I’m a baby practitioner myself, still in the very early stages of my own path. But I’ve learned so much from Buddhism over the years and my students and clients sometimes find the lessons I’ve learned from Buddhism helpful.
  • Retiring from a “good” job that is holding you back. Over the course of a few years, I moved from working full time in an office, to tele-commuting most of the time (pre-COVID!), to working half time, to retiring and having time for my life’s passion. I can show you exactly what I did.

Schedule your Free Introductory Coaching Session

If you are ready to invest in yourself with a coaching package, click on the calendar below or here to schedule your free introductory coaching call to see what can happen in even one call, and to know if you’re a good fit for my work.

For pricing, scroll down.

You are so much more than the life you’re currently living. Why not start today on a journey to health and happiness?

My Pricing

Know that this will be one of the best investments you ever make, because it will change the trajectory of your life…

1-month package (4 sessions) for $1200

6-week package (6 sessions) for $1700

3-month package (12 sessions) for $3000

6-month package (24 sessions) for $5000

(Payment plans available for 3 and 6 month packages.)

If you have a question, shoot me a message here.

No-risk 1-session guarantee

Your first coaching session with me is free. If you then purchase a coaching package with me, and your first paid session doesn’t live up to your expectations, for any reason at all, just let me know within 3 days of the first paid session, and I will return 100% of the money for your package, no questions asked.