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Yolanda exudes an unconditional love and presence, which made me feel held and safe enough to lean into a profound shift that was necessary, but felt like too much for me alone…

— Lisa Jara

Book a 1 -1 session with Yolanda

Book your First Session at a Discount

Try out hypnosis coaching with a discounted, fun session in which I help you access your vast and powerful unconscious resources, and leave the session knowing the next easy step on whatever is troubling you right now. 

Single Introductory Session
50 minutes
$175 (discounted from regular single-session price of $325)

Over 90% of my clients re-book after their first package…

…and that’s because their lives rapidly change in real ways, like:

  • Completely stopping a decades-long habit of peeling the skin on her fingers
  • Saving a good marriage gone stale
  • Making “tremendous progress” in distancing herself from a toxic relationship with her sister
  • Being “in a happy place” week after week after years of feeling stuck and dissatisfied
  • Not being a “hamster on a wheel anymore.”
  • Peacefully leaving a toxic marriage
  • “Showing up firm and with boundaries”
  • Retiring early and starting a green declutter business

I can help you, too, through one-on-one life coaching based on fun, and effective hypnosis techniques all grounded in neuroscience…

What happens after the first 1-1 session?

If you love your first session and want to continue, like so many women do, you can book more single sessions at $325 each, or choose from these weekly packages…



package (4 sessions)



package (12 sessions)



package (24 sessions)

Contact me directly if you are ready to book a longer package right away or if you have a question.

What women say about their hypnosis-coaching sessions with me…

  • I feel powerful and renewed.
  • Oh my God! Did you just solve my problem??!!!
  • So wonderful. Wow! That was amazing.
  • I see so many more possibilities than before…I love this!
  • I feel like my brain is a cosmic egg splitting open. That was powerful. You just brought my brain to a reality that was not there before.
  • I’m just here to say you are a NATURAL AND PHENOMENAL coach.
  • This has been amazing! [Many women say some version of this.]
  • The Universe sent you to me right when I needed you. Thank you so much for working with me!