Stop the Bully in Your Brain

I’m Yolanda, and I am passionate about helping sensitive, spiritually-minded women stop suffering so needlessly.

I use fun and good-feeling hypnosis techniques for real, actual change in your life — so you can look in the mirror with affection, have a laugh over a meal with friends, and finally find the confidence to do the things that you have wanted to do for sooooo long.


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I’m so glad you’re here… 

I can’t stand seeing other women suffering needlessly, when it’s my superpower as an empath and a certified hypnotist to help them stop that crap. 

Life is too short to constantly beat yourself up and feel at the mercy of your huge to-do list, a snippy email, or the chocolate bar calling your name.

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What Women Say About Working with Me

“Your methods work wonders and I thank you! ❤️…Our work has been fantastic and gotten me out of so much suffering.”

Molly Testimonial

“Things are going amazing. I’m showing up firm and with boundaries. And I’m realizing from our work that these ideas we talk about are actually happening in my life…”


“I am feeling peaceful and grounded and much more thoughtful about my future and focused on ME. What a change.”


I spent years traveling and living all over the world, seeking freedom from my own mean self-talk… 

No matter if I was volunteering with Tibetan monks in the Himalayas, or teaching English at a university in urban Kyoto — I was constantly stressed and paralyzed by the non-stop stream of negative self-talk in my brain.

I don’t live that way anymore…And you don’t need to either…